Are the Indie Bell Tents waterproof? 

Yes they are. They are designed for camping & glamping. 

BeachTipi Sizing 

Small 1 - 2 adults - Light and compact to carry if you are walking or riding your bike to the beach. Easy to set up in a few minutes. A great beach umbrella or regular beach tent alternative. 

Medium 2 - 4 adults - A bit of extra space, this one is good for friends sharing. You can stand inside the medium and the large. Depending on how high the sun is people can also be shaded sitting outside any of the tents. 

Large 4 - 6 adults - The large is square based giving extra floor space and it opens on two sides. This one is good for being completely sheltered from the midday sun if you are spending the whole day at the beach for an event for example. It takes an extra five minutes to set up. 

What do the beachtipis weigh?

Small 2.2kg

Medium 3.5kg

Large 5kg

Where do you deliver? 

We deliver to most countries. Please get in contact for a delivery time. If items are in stock they will be sent within 5 days. If they are made to order it can take 30 days. You are welcome to contact us for a delivery timeframe on the style you are after. 

Does it get hot inside the beach tipi?

No, it stays cool inside our tents. The combination of breathable fabric and airflow from underneath the beach tipi allow this. You can also have them completely open if you wish to have shade and not be inclosed.


Can one person easily set it up?

Yes. They are designed to be easy for one person to set up in a couple of minutes. On windy days the trick is to peg the fabric into the sand and then insert the frame inside. 

They don't fall over or require more than one person to hold and set up like beach shades. Nor do they blow away like beach umbrellas or pop up dome tents. They must be pegged into the sand. 

Can it be used as a picnic or garden tent or at a festival?

Yes they are great for gardens and parks. You might want to use regular metal tent stakes if you are off the beach. The ones we provide are great for sand. The Indie Bell Tents are great for camping out in at festivals. 

Can I buy different colour or replacement covers? 

Send a message with which extra covers you would like and we will check the price. They should be the same size cover as your existing frame.


What if my tent arrives damaged or I would like to exchange it? 

Please try to email us as soon as possible after receiving your order if you have a problem so we can assist. We can also arrange to send out replacement parts need new or extra parts.

All sales are final so please choose carefully. Shipping returns to Bali is uneconomical. 

Tell me more about quality and production.

All our tents are dyed, printed and stitched individually by hand in Bali. We use high quality materials that are breathable and you can machine wash. 

They are designed using sacred geometry in Byron Bay, the small and medium are tetrahedrons and the large is a pyramid. 

We are environmentally and socially aware, we source services in Bali from family businesses not large factories. We have personal relationships with all our suppliers and staff ensuring that there is no labour exploitation involved in our production even if this means our costs for services are higher. 

How do I purchase one?

Click on the product image, select the size, and then click on 'cart' to check out and pay by either paypay or credit card. If you would like to pay by bank deposit please send a message with your order request.

Do you sell wholesale to stores? 

Yes, please send an email with information about your store and location. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

How about custom orders for resorts? 

We can do custom orders for beach clubs, resorts, hotels, restaurants. We can also create pool lounges, day beds, pool umbrellas in a range of shapes and colours and all soft furnishings and bedlinen. 

Please get in touch with any questions!

If you have not received a response please check your spam / junk folder. Our emails can land into your spam folder.