• Image of Tropical BeachTipi (Medium) SALE
  • Image of Tropical BeachTipi (Medium) SALE

Limited Edition Palm Print BeachTipi. This is available for Xmas shipping until 9 December. After that it will ship in the new year. (It’s in our Bali warehouse).

Original tipi style beach tent designed in Byron Bay Australia. Hand made and hand dyed in Bali. Breathable rayon provide sun protection that stays cool on the beach. Machine washable. Your package comes in a matching bag that is lightweight and easy to carry. More compact than a beach umbrella. These come with a single pole so they are really light, they secure into the sand and are easy for a single person to set up in a few minutes.

These don't blow away like beach umbrellas or other beach shelters!

Small 2.2kg, 2 people.
Medium 3.5kg, 2-4 people.