We believe in ethical production and minimal environment impact. We are passionate about preserving our environment. We can source and supply emergency relief tents at cost price to NGO's or groups in areas which are affected by natural disasters. When possible we also donate directly towards supplying relief tents.

We do custom designs for resorts, hotels, pool clubs, eco resorts and event companies. Get in touch if you have a project you would like to discuss. Apart from beach tipis, bell tents & camp tipis, we also supply touareg tents, safari tents, umbrellas and soft furnishings. We ship worldwide.

Our products are designed between Byron Bay Australia and Bali Indonesia, the designers homes. The BeachTipis and soft furnishings are made by hand in Bali. We have personal relationships with all our team in Bali ensuring that everyone is treated fairly in good working environments, fair pay, flexibility to attend their ceremonies and holidays. Our Camp Tipi's and Bell Tents are made in China by a professional family team with many years experience in manufacturing canvas tents.

The BeachTipi was created as different take on the pop up beach tent. We wanted to make something different using breathable natural fibre materials, shibori dying and batik printing techniques, a beach tent that is light and easy for a single person to setup and that would hold up in windy conditions!

Apart from providing shade, they were designed with sacred geometry, the small and medium BeachTipis are equilateral, triangular based tetrahedrons, the large is a square based pyramid. They can also be used as meditation pyramids. They have a solid brass top (chrome coated) which is great for energy conduction. You might be interested to read more about the healing power of sacred geometric proportions, the fibonacci scale, tetrahedrons and pyramids.



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