Your Original BeachTipi is lightweight and comes in a compact carry bag. They pack down easily and are made of breathable and machine washable materials, either organic cotton or a heavy rayon depending on style and availability. They are a fresh alternative to the beach tent and beach umbrella. Unlike regular tipis these are portable and are easy to secure so that they do not blow away or fall over outdoors. Throw it over your shoulder, take it on your bike and go exploring! 

Designed with sacred geometry, the small and medium BeachTipis™ are equilateral triangle based tetrahedrons, the large is a square based pyramid. They can also be used as meditation pyramids. They have a solid brass top (chrome coated) which is great for energy conduction. You might be interested to read more about the healing power of sacred geometric proportions, the fibonacci scale, tetrahedrons and pyramids.

We believe in ethical production and minimal environmental impact. We are passionate about preserving our beaches and and we contribute to local causes. Designed in Byron Bay and made by hand in Bali, the designers home. We do not manufacture in China. We have personal relationships with all our team in Bali ensuring that everyone is treated fairly with good workig environments, fair pay, flexibility to attend their ceremonies and holidays. 

We ship worldwide. Custom orders for resorts by request. We also supply canvas bell tents, tipi camp tents, pool umbrellas and soft furnishings. 

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